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lecture: Mobile phone surveillance with BladeRF


I will talk about making popularly named Stingray and known as "cell site simulators" or "IMSI catchers" with BladeRF and Thinkpad X201.Which is about 600 euros, and price for Stingray goes from 10.000€.

At first(before 2 years) I maked Stingray with 2 HackRFs(Because HackRF at the moment can only receive or transceive, it cant at same time receive/transceive).So I was found BladeRF that can at same time receive/transceive before 1 year, and journey started.Investigating all solutions what is best for BTS software I came along with YateBTS.I played a lot of time to came along with configurations to set up to be operational stingray.So you will learn from mine experience from choosing right equipment, loading up right software to have stingray that actually works for small amount of money.Also there will be some additional info about tapping(MITM) attacks on phone calls and SMS.


Day: 2017-09-17
Start time: 15:15
Duration: 01:00


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