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lecture: Hacking for Journalism

Using civic hacking to power public integrity


Journalists have always waged war against "fake news", misinformation and propaganda, but only recently has that war become front and center, from Macedonia to Washington, DC. Samantha Sunne is an investigative reporter who curates, a collection of essays on new ways journalists are using technology to combat misinformation. She will talk about the current wave of experimentation and how computer-savvy non-journalists can help.

Hacks/Hackers, a global nonprofit that aims to bridge the gap between journalism and technology, brought together entrepreneurs, media representatives and other innovators at the world's first MisinfoCon last year. The event spawned more than a dozen experiments in how to harness computing power and journalistic instinct to combat the rising tide of fake news, such as the impressively far-reaching material out of Macedonia. Sunne, a head of Hacks/Hackers Global, curates an ongoing effort to collect, evaluate and implement these projects. As a freelance investigative reporter herself in the American Deep South, she utilizes these tools and sees their effect, watching how misinformation campaigns and fact-checking algorithms affect the news-reading populace. Most importantly, this session will discuss how technologists can dramatically empower journalistic efforts.


Day: 2017-09-16
Start time: 16:30
Duration: 01:00


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