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lecture: A deeper journey into MikroTik routers


This talk covers the interesting intersection of Applesque, cheap, and increasingly ubiquitous network hardware. Here we describe our journey into reverse engineering parts of MikroTik system to gain access to hardware features and the shell behind the RouterOS that has no “ls”. Building on our initial talk, we go deeper with our teardown and discuss the deeper aspects of MikroTik engineering choices.

MikroTik is a Latvian network device manufacturer that is gaining more and more popularity amongst network professionals and enthusiasts.

During the talk we'll answer these questions —

  • What music can I play on my RouterBOARD?

  • How do I access the Linux behind my RouterOS?

  • What's inside a supout.rif file?

  • How does the router store my settings?

— and more


Day: 2017-09-15
Start time: 19:45
Duration: 01:00


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