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workshop: Build an "Easy Ten" morse code transmitter

Emergency transmitter that can be heard in 10 miles radius


Using only 5-6 common electronic components build yourself a morse code transmitter that can be heard in 10 mile radius!
Once you pass your amateur radio exam (yes, you can take a official amateur radio exam at Balccon this year!) you can use it as your first radio station that you have built yourself ! At least for a week or so until you buy yourself a Kenwood or Yaesu ;)

If your private Cessna happens to crash in Amazonia during exploratory flight in search for the long lost city of El Platado (sister city of El Dorado, havent you heard of it?:) and burst into flames so you only happen to salvage broken parts of your plane electronics, learn how you can build fully functional morse code transmitter that can easilly be heard in 10 miles radius (potentially much more if ionospheric Gods are in your favor that particular day).

We are providing soldering irons and all other you need, you just bring good vibes and we will help you assemble your transmitter that you can then take home.

Even if you've never soldered before don't that deter you, it is not that difficult at all ! And it is mighty fun! We will teach you, so no excuses for not making an easy ten ;)


Day: 2017-09-16
Start time: 16:00
Duration: 01:00


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